A Rose Among Daisies…

This is a poem I came across today, yet again as I was revisiting my older diaries and journals.

It is a piece I remember writing during my third year in High School. I believe the symbolism here is cherishing your unique qualities and recognizing your strengths even when you feel you are different from the world around you, even when you feel you have no belonging…

A Rose Among Daisies…

I see a rose, driven by the speed of wind,

moving gallantly and swiftly through a field of wheat, onto a field of corn, and onto tall thorny grasses,

amidst the cool of the crisp lonesome night.

I see the rose, tightly bounded in its garb,

petals remain in tact, never torn and flown in arbitrary directions.

I sense this rose, enriched with a fragrance, an aroma purifying the atmosphere,

causing the big white ball to grin alongside the shimmering stars in the surrounding.

I see this rose land among a field of delicate daisies.

I see the breezes brushing these daisies,

and with every touch, the rose jumps as the daisies catch and toss it around in the patch.

I see the sun rise, touched by the distinct presence among the usual blanket of flowers.

I see a shadow, of red tint, from the rose, glow in the sky,

as it lays proudly and evenly among the daisies, with no wail, no tear, no cry.

-ETK, Warrior Queen


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