Purple Skies

PLEASE NOTE: The last painting on the bottom of the page was completed in Summer 2018. Several paintings will be added to this gallery series soon, in addition to other painting projects completed in the past three years. Please return for updates in the next few months (Summer 2021)!

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky.”  – Rumi

Purple skies are a symbol of hope and healing for the Warrior Queen.

As I noted in this post, I began painting again, something I enjoyed in my younger years. I aspired to paint like Bob Ross…

Although I started this as a beginner in December 2016, I share the work on this page as it progresses in this space.

This page is dedicated to my series called “Purple Skies.”

Please note they are not high quality paintings, but I see it as a form of self-discovery,  and I have integrated painting as an important part of my coping mechanisms for my illness and the healing process.

And the benefits have been transparent and indescribable.

This can also symbolize the quest for growth, with practice, as part of the evolutionary process for our journey to always strive to improve and become the best versions of ourselves. It is part and parcel to what the theme of purple skies has come to signify for me.

I will continue to add paintings to this collection of “purple skies” over time, and in the order that I complete them.

Thank you for visiting this page!

Note: This page will be updated soon from several new paintings completed in the past year. Please do return for updates!

Purple Skies

Beginning with Acrylics…

Moving to oils…

Purple Mountains in a Purple Sky….

Attempting mountains and northern lights…..

Thinking about my time in Singapore Summer 2017…

World Peace acrylic painting lesson at Busboys Sept 2017

Thinking about the Palm Trees in Tropical places during the Hurricane Season…

A warmer painting of my Palm tree friends in a tropical seascape…

“Survival: Shooting for the Moon”… 

“Shades of Purple”…..

While reflecting on my time in Karachi December 2017 through January 2018, I painted this sunset. 

Something I would often admire from the balcony of our Karachi apartment home in Clifton, Karachi Sea View. 

Painted this while reminiscing about my time in Peshawar, Pakistan during my December 2017 Fieldwork experience. 

My first “abstract” acrylic painting attempt with just a palette knife. It was a nice try,

Attempted to show the complexity, intersectionality, and the many colors of the struggle of a Brown girl/woman. 

Moon Acrylic Silhouette painting to honor my friendship with the moon…

This was my final oil painting in my 2015-2018 DC area home where I re-discovered my passion for painting… 

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