Your Story

Everyone has a story.

And it matters.

I will always encourage you to share your story.

I strongly believe, that the more people openly share their experiences, and the more we engage in dialogue, the more we can improve our understanding and awareness on how to defeat the challenges as a community. Too often we become isolated and marginalized because of the shame associated with our experiences, because we feel we are a burden to everyone around us.

Each person brings value and understanding from their experiences to this important conversation.

As much as our stories can strike some relevance in other’s lives, with some universal congruence, there are nuances in each context that should be acknowledged.

So instead of saying, “We’ve all been there….” we too often forget to listen, and in turn, contribute to minimizing one’s unique experience, rather than hearing one’s authentic truth.

You can share your experience with mental illness and mental conditions, either for yourself or someone you love, privately through the contact form or you can write in the comment section below if you are comfortable.

If you prefer, you can write anonymously.  There is no judgement here, this is a safe place for you.

Please note this is not a substitute for seeking professional help, it’s another place to share your thoughts and journey for defeating your unique battle with mental illness.

Going forward, I will also update this page with any specific questions related that can guide the discussion.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I will try my best to reach out to you or respond to your comments here, but please note you are always welcome, with open arms, in my space….

…Whether you wish to share your thoughts and stories through this forum or any of the other mediums, please remember your courage, strength, and resilience as a Warrior to share your voice with the world will help many people, including myself, but most importantly, it will help and empower YOU!

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