Surviving and Conquering Hate: Reflections on Arjun Sethi’s “American Hate”

“Speaking out is the most basic and vital form of resistance.” – Arjun Singh Sethi I spent some time reflecting on Arjun Sethi’s “American Hate: Survivors Speak Out,” which was published over a month ago. I also had the opportunity to hear Arjun speak about his book at the Politics and Prose in Washington, DC, Read More

The Purple Earrings

This morning, I had a severe panic attack because I could not find my favorite purple earrings. 🙂 But of course,  as you could guess, it wasn’t just about the earrings. So I figured I’d take this as an opportunity to reflect. For those who struggle with clinical depression, OCD or anxiety, or the related, Read More

Drawing Strength in Moments of Relapse

I went jogging outside for the first time this week since I returned from Pakistan and the first time this new year. Those who have read some of my posts in the past know that jogging outdoors is an important part of my “survival package.” This critical piece of my routine had been missing for Read More

Cheers to Fresh Perspectives and New Beginnings

We are a little over a month into the new year and it is almost a week since I returned from my field work in Pakistan. I didn’t have the chance to write in my blog for nearly two months because of my travels, and being immersed in what came out to be a trip Read More