Purple is a special color for the Warrior Queen.

The Ameythyst Purple stone is associated with healing. It is also part of the seventh chakra, called the “crown chakra,” which connects us to a higher consciousness, a universal world beyond ourselves. It is an epicenter for enlightenment. When the Crown Chakra is balanced, it will allow for the proper internal flow of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and a state of blissfulness.

Which is clearly why I own a massive chunk of it. 🙂

Purple became a special color for me for various reasons beyond this. For one, my nieces, who are very special to me, expressed their love for the color quite young, and they were sort of my first connection to it.

Additionally, I go jogging often, a time when I reflect the most of many things. I have this habit of looking up at the sky, during my reflections, to be further reminded of the need to stay strong.

And there is something about the feeling when the sky shows elements of the color purple at times.

I hope to explain in further posts why… as I gradually learn to understand it myself.

Ultimately, the purple skies have become a symbol of healing and hope for me.

It is the reason why the color palette for this blog and the colors emblematic of this space are purple.

Everything form the Ameythyst stone. to Prince’s Purple rain :), to the purple skies, the symbolism of royalty, and my relationship with my nieces, seem to connect with this color.

For that reason, I have started to paint purple skies, and I am dedicating a page to my collection of paintings here. 


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