Dot Mandala Art

This page will share my work on Dot Mandala Art! 

For many years, I had aspired to try to this type of painting, especially because I would always do henna as a kid into my teenage and adult years, and there was something that connected me to this magical world of dotting. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but was too intimidated to try. There was one moment in the end of the year 2020 that finally pushed me to purchase my first dot mandala set and just try various other forms of art, including drawing and painting human portraits for example (another things I have always wanted to learn but was too scared to try).

Well, I picked up a dot mandala tool one day, dipped it into the paint and as soon as I started dotting, it came so unbelievably natural to me. I felt home. If you have done henna art, and haven’t tried this, please do. I can’t describe the feeling it gave me….  And I feel I have become better and better after every dot painting…

The paintings here after this first one I completed in February 6, 2022, will be shared from latest to oldest that I have painted. I hope you enjoy it, and be inspired to consider dotting as well too.

Something about dotting is incredibly therapeutic and relaxing… naturally mandala art is intended for centering the soul... and mandalas essentially symbolize spiritual journeys in layersI highly recommend trying it if you haven’t… a very therapeutic break from your other worldly endeavors…
Painting truly heals, and there is indeed a magical healing power of mandala art, that I am thrilled to have discovered and continue exploring! Join me in this journey! 
“Mandala is a centering space for the self and the soul. An art therapy tool for making order out of the disorder. Mandala is a Sanskrit word for “magic circle.” Nearly every culture uses mandalas or circular images in their cultural or spiritual practices.”

“He who cannot discover himself, cannot discover the world.” – Rumi 

{Please come back for updates with more paintings in the the coming weeks!}

My Dot Mandala “Masterpiece” completed February 6, 2022 – gifted to my Sister Miss America Sidra Khwaja
This Painting was the first dot mandala with my first Arabic Calligraphy. This was completed in April 2022 and gifted to “Miss America” on November 2022.

These next two paintings with “Allahuakbar” were made in November 2022 for my niece Aila and nephew Isa for finishing the reading of the Quran…

Made in November 2022 for Husna Khan….

My Amreekan Flag Evil Eye Dot Mandala Masterpiece – Made in October 2023 for my Sister Sana Khwaja