Strengthened Soul

A short poem I wrote when I was 14 in high school…found among my childhood collections while exploring again today…

Strengthened Soul

Dreams are unspoken thoughts that appear in the minds of the innocent…

They cast a spell in those minds who believe that life is as pure as a child’s soul.

The spell takes control of the actions and inspirations that occur without reason.

They interrupt and distract; leaving reality and escaping from nightmares,…

Entering a world with infinite wonders and desires that one’s soul longs for…

Pain, more excrutiating than a flesh wound with extreme bleeding, slashes the soul with incredible force,

which disables this human form temporarily.

As the living flesh and bones allow their eyes to rise,

the scattered atmosphere of wonders and desires immediately becomes permanently scarred in their souls,

while the wound in the heart slowly disappears and the awoken figure returns to reality

with absorbed knowledge and strengthened heart…

ETK, Warrior Queen


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