Gaining Freedom….Your Way

There is no freedom like that freedom you are able to achieve within.

It has been 4 years, and today I can say that I am free. That is, “free” from anxiety and depression meds. But it is a freedom bigger than simply just a bunch of pills.

I have no shame or fear in sharing this. This is part of who I am. And I take pride in the struggles I have embraced.

Though I now gained back the 40 pounds I lost from side effects of taking medications, I feel like a champion, more than ever.

You stay the course until you realize it is not working for you.

It’s going to be done right this time…

Last year, I threw away all the medicine bottles I had. As part of my OCD, I was collecting and hoarding items that have some sort of “sentimental value.” It was a very big move for me….


Though the battle continues…it is important to always listen to the voice inside you that tells you what is right for you and that it’s OK to do you. Never let the people who treat your health like a business, or the world that surrounds you, convince you to pursue something that doesn’t seem right. Trust yourself.



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