The window seat

It hits you the hardest, the realization of what you sacrifice in pursuit of your dreams when you enter the doors of the airport or walk through security check, and have to turn your back on the people you love. It better be worth it, and I better crush this thing…

It has always been difficult to leave family whenever I visit, wherever they are…especially living quite far away for a long time now, as an independent person with rich family values…That level of difficulty has only increased despite how many travels I may have had the past decade or so…But I take the window seat for a reason on my return flight to DC… so I can look out at the scenery upon landing and be reminded every time I see the Capitol building and the Monument, fighting the tears in my eyes, as to why I choose the pain over the happiness of being closer to the people I love the most. These artifacts have come to symbolize my purpose in life to some degree, and I never seem to rid myself of that awe I feel when I return to our nation’s capital, my second home, with that purpose in mind…certain sacrifices are meant to be made when we choose a certain path and in pursuit of a life of service…

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