Seven Years of DC…and the struggle continues…

‘Twas my 7 year anniversary yesterday, Oct. 9th, on moving to my beloved DC, now a place I call my second home…

Some people who really know me, might know my obsessive romanticized relationship with this city.

On this day, 7 years ago, October 9, 2009, I took a plane with practically nothing but pant suits, my old 10 lb laptop computer and couple hundred self-made business cards, and perhaps a couple phone interviews, and oh yeah, some ambition.

Much credit also to my father and mother who believed in me and helped me get on my two feet, during those difficult times…

Funny, 7/9 are numbers symbolic of my birthday, so perhaps I am celebrating my rebirth in a way as well, with my second home. I’m being silly with the symbolism again. 🙂 

I came to DC with high ambitions and big dreams to contribute in some way to the world of public policy and public service….

As the struggle continues… I can say I have made some strides,… though a little wiser and perhaps a little burned out at times,… still have a lot of the same ambition and fight within me….hopefully it will carry me to the “finish line (s)” …whatever that may be…or through the anticipated long journey ahead and the many more challenges I know are yet to come, and hope to embrace with open arms….

Bring it DC…

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