Running in the Rain: Chasing Empowerment and Freedom

I enjoy jogging. I can’t go a day without it anymore. If I do, something does not go right during the day. Something feels missing.

It helps me think. Some of my best ideas come when I am running. The drawback in this: I am very concentrated on enjoying the run and sometimes the music when I am running, that I am unable to write down these ideas. Often forgetting or recalling them in piecemeal. In the end, it is worth it, if I am experiencing the present moment. As that is what matters.

I also love running in the rain. As long as it’s not pouring like cray and freezing, it’s truly quite refreshing, and something about it is even more empowering than my normal jogs. Adds more flavor to the exercise I guess. 🙂

And when I listen to Bhangra music in the rain, I feel like a Bollywood Warrior Queen. Something about the rain as a traditional theme in Bollywood movies, movies I would grow up watching, and is often a romanticized concept universally in film and reality alike.

Freedom is not a simple concept. We take it for granted. The Freedom I have aspired to achieve or even understand and live for cannot be accomplished or understood within 500-700 words of one blog post.

But sometimes we don’t realize that perhaps we are not living as “freely” as we think we are. Perhaps we are not fully exercising our freedoms. It’s there. But it isn’t given to us.

We must chase after it, take it, and own it.

Freedom exists upon your realization that you have that choice. To exist, act, behave, aspire, think, write, dress, feel, talk, walk, dream, and live the way YOU feel is right for YOU.

Freedom is fully exercised when you can be you.

And I am ME when I am running in the rain….



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