Happy Juneteenth! Towards a New Freedom and Writing Adventure…

Featured Photo: Juneteenth Painting. June 19th 2023

Dear Fellow Warrior,

Happy Belated Juneteenth!

I wanted to share this in this space, because I do feel it belongs here too.

This is a piece I wrote on Medium (my third article there) which I had written in honor of Juneteenth this past Monday. I just intended to do a painting (as featured in the photo above), but I had a few words I needed to share.

Here is the Medium link: https://medium.com/@elsatalatkhwaja/juneteenth-a-reflection-for-freedom-and-solidarity-df7229a5c112

Might you give it a read, and let me know what you think?

Here is an excerpt:

To be truly free is to be able to live, walk, talk, inhale and exhale our true selves, to be able to live authentically with a true sense of belonging, no matter the color of our skin or any other identifying factors. In this explosive era for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, Accessibility, for a true “racial reckoning,” we must demonstrate radical and proactive empathy to be able to achieve the freedom, understanding, compassion, connection, and social justice. We all have the responsibility in every domain and space we inhabit. The onus cannot be on “the woke” or “enlightened” few.”

Thank you for reading!

I plan to write more often now on Medium. For anyone who wants to connect and read my posts on Medium, you can find it here on this LINK. Thank you!

I am really excited about the adventure there, for connecting to other writers. I have been on the platform now for several years and have never really given it a chance, largely due to my imposter syndrome. I believe it will give more exposure and help me cope with that imposter syndrome as a writer and scholar, while I continue to advance my scholarship. I hope to see if I can build the tribe there and also invite people in this space for some more personal posts relevant to my journey and beyond. I will repost some of those articles in full or as excerpts with links here, sometimes with more thoughts if appropriate.

Thank you for reading me here and thank you for reading me on Medium as well. I will continue to improve my blog posts and keep them short, consistent, and more frequent, both here, on Medium, and other sites.

I have also set up a Buy me a Coffee Page, which is mostly for supporting my painting auction efforts, which I had done and will continue to do for free. But if anyone likes my writings on Medium, here in this blog or professionally and would like to offer some support you are welcome to do so there. Please feel free to read that page as well, for more on its purpose. I am not someone who ever likes to ask for help, but I also believe that art deserves to be rewarded if it is appreciated. I plan to re-read writer Jeff Goin’s book “Real Artists Don’t Starve” this summer. And from now on, I’ll be sharing the link here as well at the end of each post. So thank you for your support!

Peace, Warmth, Blessings and Solidarity,

Your sister,

Dr. Elsa

Warrior KQueen

“She wasn’t looking for a Knight. She was looking for a Sword.”

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